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Products - Replacement Shower Bases

products_replacementbase_60x34x18 products_replacementbase_60x32x18 products_replacementbase_60x32x5
60" x 34" x 5" SP-5 60" x 34" x 18" SB-5L 60" x 32" x 18" SB-7L 60" x 32" x 5" SP-7R
products_replacementbase_48x34x18 products_replacementbase_38x38x5 products_replacementbase_36x48x18 products_replacementbase_36x48x5
48" x 34" x 18" SB-4L 38" x 38" x 5" SP-N-2 36" x 48" x 18" SB-3 36" x 48" x 5" SP-4
36" x 36" x 5" CB-3


The Acrylic Seated Safety Shower™


For the first time, enjoy a safe and independent showering experience with the Safety Tubs® Seated Safety Shower™ the first seated shower built to meet the needs of many people including the elderly and disabled. This acrylic seated shower comes with a multitude of ground-breaking features: highly durable and luxurious cast acrylic construction; wide, contoured, full-sized seating area with recessed front to make standing or sitting easy; an accessory ledge for personal items; and a built-in armrest to help you relax and enjoy your shower experience. The Seated Safety Shower™ also features a low 3" threshold and a built-in wrap-around grab bar that allows you to always feel safe and confident, no matter if you're standing, sitting, entering or exiting.

Available in white or biscuit acrylic and left or right hand configurations, it can be completed with a traditional shower curtain or shower doors to match the look and feel of your current bathroom décor. The Seated Safety Shower™ by Safety Tubs® can be installed into any standard tub or shower opening, making it an extremely convenient and easy addition to any bathroom.