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Bathroom Remodeling In Orange County

Bathroom remodeling time? Let 24 Hour Bath make over your bath in the blink of an eye! With our Los Angeles bathroom remodel company, your home’s most popular room can receive a minor facelift - or, a total transformation - in a matter of days…often, one day or less!

As LA/Orange County bathroom remodeling specialists, our reputable general contractors see your job from beginning to end; if your project extends beyond one day, they ensure a timely completion that keeps your bathroom available and ready to use.

Worried that your bathroom is too small to remodel? With 24 Hour Bath, there’s no such thing as too small.

Our bathroom remodeling services include:

Sinks and mirrors:
Fixtures purchased on your own, or from our catalog of choices, can be installed quickly and easily. If other contractors have abandoned your project, we assure you that is never the case with us. Our Los Angeles remodel contractors value customers and treat their homes with respect.

Floors and walls:
With 24 Hour Bath, your porcelain and ceramic surfaces can be changed quickly and easily. We project an estimated turnaround time on your floor and wall project; and then, we commit to meeting the deadline. And, if you choose one of our custom fit acrylic walls for your shower, the job can be completed even faster!

Showers and tubs:
Our signature service! This revolutionary bathroom remodeling method uses a custom molded BCI® acrylic bath system to transform your outdated, unsightly bath without reglazing or removing it – no demolition required!

We simply measure your tub or shower, create a custom mold, and fit your new, clean, acrylic bathliner or showerliner over the existing structure. Say goodbye to scratches, chips, water stains…and yes, scrubbing mold and mildew! The non-porous material is easily cleaned, and won’t absorb these harmful bacteria. We said it was revolutionary!

Schedule a bathroom remodeling estimate today! Contact 24 Hour Bath at 888-458-2284 to request your free LA/Orange County bathroom estimate.