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1. One day Install

24 Hour Bath can install your bathroom in one day with no inconvenience to you! Typical tile or bath renovations can take days or even weeks, leaving you without a bathroom. Acrylic bath liners can be installed in hours and used the same day! 

2. Less Cost Than a Complete Bathroom Remodel

A complete bathroom remodel requires can cost tens of thousands of dollars -- a complete bath liner system is a fraction of the price, yet offers many of the benefits of a complete remodel. Typical acrylic bath system includes; new tub, new fixtures and new backing. All the elements that draw the eye when walking into a bathroom! Acrylic liners save you money and look new virtually forever!

3. Update Your Bathroom’s Look

Update the style and look of your bathroom to the exact look you’re looking for. Whether your preference is more contemporary or classic, acrylic liners can simulate many, many different decors and styles – the sky’s the limit! Whatever look you’re looking for; tile, granite or a marble look, acrylic liners offer contemporary good looks with the benefits of today’s latest in technology and materials. All installed in typically less than just one day! There are many styles, colors, and patterns to choose from!

4. Costs Less Than Replacing a Bath Tub

Replacing a bathtub can be very costly. Installing a complete tub typically requires more labor and thus increased cost: the tub needs to be physically removed, requiring more time than a bath liner system. Moreover, a bath liner costs less than a standard tub over the life of the tub, as an acrylic tub lasts the life of the home. Consequently, acrylic liners are a more cost effective solution than traditional bath tubs. $$$ 

5. Lifetime Warranty

24 Hour Bath’s, Bath liners are made from a composite of acrylic and ABS plastic. Unlike refinishing or “reglazing”, which lasts a few years, acrylic bath liners are guaranteed to never fade, crack or peel. Maintenance is never an issue and cleaning is as easy as a quick wipe with a mild cleanser, which ensures a beautiful bath for the life of your home.

Last but not least the greatest thing about bathtub/shower liners is that you don’t have to worry about unsightly mold or grout lines. Liners keep mold from growing behind your walls because there are no grout lines.

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