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Ella's Bubbles - Gel-Coat Walk In Bathtubs

ella_bariatric33Bariatric 33

33.75″W x 55″L x 41″H

  A typical walk in bathtub is made for people who do not have difficulty balancing and weigh less than 300 lbs. The Ella Bariatric 33 walk in bathtub will accommodate anyone weighing up to 600 lbs, and with a seat width of 25 ½”, our high quality gel coat Bariatric 33 walk in bathtub has the one of the largest seats of any walk in bath on the market. Our Bariatric 33 walk in bathtub includes an anti-slip floor, a low step for easy entrance, and an extra wide seat. With a low 5” step-in threshold and a high quality fiberglass backed shell, almost everyone can enjoy a luxurious bath in comfort without worrying about getting in or out of the walk in bathtub.

ella_bariatric35Bariatric 35

35″W x 55″L x 41″H

  For those wanting to make the most out of their available space, our high quality gel coat Bariatric 35 walk in bathtub has the highest seat-to-width ratio. A person of any size can enjoy a luxurious bath in comfort with our largest bariatric tub, at 35” wide with a generous 30 ½” seat. That’s 5” more seat for just 1 ¼” more tub width, as compared to our standard Bariatric 33. While most standard-sized walk in bathtubs are made for people who weigh less than 300 lbs, our large bariatric walk in bathtub will accommodate anyone weighing up to 600 lbs.



30″W x 55″L x 46″H 

 Sometimes, when space is limited, the only way to go is up. The 46” high Ella Deep walk in bathtub is our deepest walk in bathtub, and the tallest luxury gel coat walk in bath that you can find. As a full length tub with a 22” soak depth from the top of the seat, this is perfect for a taller than average bather to enjoy a decadent soak. This walk in bath is crafted using the highest grade fiberglass composite, with a high gloss gel coat finish on top and a durable stainless steel frame underneath. Our Deep walk in bathtub is ideal for the elderly, people with mobility issues, athletes, or taller people seeking safe and comfortable bathing.

ella_frontentryFront Entry

32.75″W x 38″L x 40″H 

 We like to say that there is a space for every tub, and a tub for every space. The Ella Front Entry gel coat walk in bathtub sports a normal 40” height, compact footprint, and ability to work as a standalone unit, which makes it a magic bullet for smaller bathrooms. That’s why, in Chicago, we call this “the Cube”; it’s a compact tub with a normal height, and is a great walk in tub for small bathrooms. With a 32.75” x 38” footprint, this compact Front Entry walk in bathtub is made to fit into smaller bathrooms and can be installed in any bathroom as a free-standing walk in bathtub.


ella_laydownLay Down

30″W x 60″L x 22.25″H

Occasionally, a customer needs a walk in tub with a more traditional style. The Ella Lay Down walk in bathtub has a lower 22 ¼” sidewall and a full 60” length, specifically designed with these customers in mind. This is great for parents and caregivers of children with special needs, as the low walls allow for closer interaction between bather and occupant. The Ella Lay Down walk in tub is also a great option for people who want to lay down while bathing but cannot lift their legs to get in and out of a traditional bathtub.


32″W x 59.75″L x 36″H

When an Ella Authorized Dealer asks for a recommendation of an easy walk in tub remodel, we suggest the Ella Long. With walk in bathtub dimensions of 32” x 59 ¾” x 36”, customers can enjoy a near standard sized footprint while still experiencing the luxury of a full height walk in tub. Bathers can stretch out their legs and enjoy the hydrotherapy benefits of a full sized bathtub while remaining safely seated.


ella_lowthresholdLow Threshold

30″W x 52″L x 41″H

When safety is the top concern, we recommend the Ella Low Threshold walk in tub. The shining feature of this model is it’s 3 ½” low threshold, which minimizes stubbed toes and other, more serious bathroom incidents. The Ella Low is perfect for people with injuries that affect their ability to step over traditional bathtub thresholds, or those considering their ongoing ability to both step in and out of a walk in bathtub. This lets you enjoy a luxurious soak in comfort without worrying about getting in or out of your walk in bathtub. Other safety features of the Ella Low include a non-slip floor and an easy to reach grab bar.



26″W x 53″L x 40″H

When you want to restrict your remodel to just one room, you need bath fixtures that you can carry through your home. The 26” wide Ella Narrow walk in bathtub is the logical choice for homes with narrow doorways or tight corners and stairways. While this tub is designed for people who have a limited amount of space to work with, don’t think that you are sacrificing comfort for convenience. The 26” width is coupled with a 53” length and a standard 40” height, still offering ample legroom for a full sized relaxing spa experience.



28″W x 48″L x 40″H

The Ella Short walk in bathtub is designed for people who are short on the amount of space they have to work with in their bathroom. Don’t think of this as a downsized experience, however, as its 48″ length is still matched with a 28” width and a standard 40” height. Typically used by homeowners who need to reclaim bathing space, it still offers ample legroom for a relaxing bath.



 26″W x 45″L x 40″H 

When it absolutely, positively, without a doubt has to get in there, the Ella Small is your best pick. The 26” x 45” footprint of the Ella Small walk in bathtub is designed for remodeling jobs where there may be a tight fit in either the bathroom or the path to the bathroom. This tub features a one piece chrome faucet kit and a one of a kind bi-fold door. This size also makes it a great walk in tub for a mobile home. Even though the Ella Small walk in tub fits in smallest of spaces, it still offers ample legroom for a relaxing bath.

ella_wheelchairWheelchair Access

32″W x 52″L x 41″H

While we offer a diverse selection of widths for our Acrylic outward-swing L-shaped door models, including 26 ¾″, 29 ¾″, and 35″, there is a gap between our ample and king sized models. Enter the Ella Wheelchair Access walk in bathtub. It’s 32” width sits between our Ella Classic Wheelchair Transfer and Titan Outward Swing Acrylic walk in bathtubs. This is a great solution for anyone wanting slightly more, or slightly less, space from a wheelchair transfer bathtub with a high quality gel coat finish.