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Posted by: Mary Jo Kerekes

1) Determine your bathroom project goals.

Does your bath or shower area need some work? If so, this should be the priority. Like any project, dividing and conquering may be the best way to proceed to maintain your budget. Consider the priorities of your project and do the “needs” first. Choices range from a simple bath makeover to a full bathroom remodel. It is CRITICAL to make this decision BEFORE determining your budget.

2) Determine your budget.

Determine your bathroom remodel’s budget ahead of time. Be realistic. If you want your bathroom to have a high-end look with all the benefits of the latest in bathroom materials, expect to spend a premium. These materials are superior, therefore they command a premium. Depending on the size of your bathroom and the scope of the remodel, complete bathroom remodels typically cost anywhere from $5,000 to $8,500. Determine your budget and get a quote for the job’s priority and if you have money to do everything you want, by all means, do it!

3) Create a short contractor list.

Choose two to three contractors and research each one both online and in person. Only consider contractors that are licensed and bonded. Licensing is the first level of assurance that you’re dealing with a serious, legitimate business. You’re hiring someone to rebuild one of the most important rooms in your house. Moreover, you’re entrusting these people to come into your home, so do the due diligence to make sure this contractor is the right one for you. Remember, any contractor is only as good as his last job.

4) Get several quotes.

Talk to several contractors; get several quotes. Often customers think this is good to do to get the best price. It is prudent to get a price quote, but in addition to the price, it’s very helpful to meet the people who work for the company – both the consultant that gives you the quote and the people in the office. Also, stop by their office if you can. This will help you determine which contractor you will feel best hiring.

5) Figure out who works for the company and what their values are.

You will be relying on this company to remodel the most used room in your house. They may have a great looking web site, but you are not looking for someone to design a good web site, you want a great bathroom! Bottom line? A great web site does not make a great contractor. Company like these, are great marketers, not necesarily great contractors.  

6) Pricing is not the only consideration when choosing a Bathroom Remodel Contractor.

Remember the old adage; you get what you pay for? Whether you’re getting a new acrylic bath liner installed or replacing the vanity, flooring, and fixtures, quality work is not always the cheapest work.

7) Determine your style preferences.

Are you looking for a purely functional bathroom or do you want to add some style to it as well? Do you want a bathroom to look great, last forever, or both? Who will be using the bathroom and how much use will it get? These are all considerations that need to be accounted for.

8) Check references.

Ask the company you’re considering for references. Additionally, check social networking sites for user reviews. Bear in mind, online reviews are to be taken with a grain of salt. Do not rely solely on Yelp. This company has been criticized for questionable business practices and is currently being sued. Also look at other online reviews; Google Places, Yahoo, Merchant Circle, and others.

9) Ensure effective communication.

Some contractors employ help that are not native English speakers. As your bathroom project gets underway, you may have questions about certain aspects of the job. Being able to effectively communicate with the workers in your home is essential. Check with the contractor you are hiring to make sure his workers speak the same language you do. Being able to communicate with the workers in your home is essential!

10) Ask project-related questions.

After we sign the contract, when will you start? Do not accept a vague answer. A qualified contractor will give you an exact date, if you need it. You should also ask questions like: How long will it take? Will my bathroom be able to be used during the job? How will the job proceed; what are the steps from beginning to end?


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